Brads 01 - Soft Polish by Boop Designs

Brads 01 - Soft Polish by Boop Designs
Brads 01 - Soft Polish by Boop Designs Brads 01 - Soft Polish by Boop Designs

 Need some basic brad digital elements that you can create with a press of a button? Well, look no further.  This is my first set of these brads. You get 8 separate scrapbooking Brad element Actions in 4 different shapes with this super time saving product!  There is a circle, oval, octagon and a rounded hexagon.  Create endless customized brads quick and easy in Photoshop or PSE.  Choose your shape in either silver or gold then press play.  The brad finishes off giving you a soft polished pearl effect. This action quickly creates your brad for you pausing to allow you to choose any color or pattern fill you want.  Making this brad action extremely versatile and user friendly.

Looking for more brads?  Be sure to check out my other sets of brad actions I have to offer. I even have a brad bundle!  Be sure to check that our for some great savings...

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Batter Up!!!! There are 5 baseball item within this one action. Do you have a favorite team color? Well on the jersey and cap you can choose your favorite teams colors. Use these versatile actions over and over again year after year. As always, this action is very user friendly… just load and play! The only thing you need to do is to decide which baseball item you want use...
Reg Price:$ 6.00 Sale Price:$4.99